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South African Gold Krugerrand Bullion Coin, 1/10 Troy oz (Random Year)

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Size 1/10 Troy oz
Purity .9166 Fine Gold
DIAMETER 16.50 mm
Krugerrand 1/10 oz

Quick Overview

South Africa is the number one gold producing country in the world and the Krugerrand is the most widely owned bullion coin in the world with over 46 million ozs in circulation since its inception in 1967. It features the symbol of South Africa, the lithe and graceful Springbok antelope, on the reverse side. The obverse of the Krugerrand features Paul Kruger, the last president of the Republic of South Africa. The South African Krugerrand was the first modern government-issued gold bullion coin. It’s marketing campaigns during the 1970’s and 1980’s paved the way for its popularity among the gold bullion coins of today